round nixie watch BK

round nixie watch BK

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Item Description

A Nostalgic Reminder Of The Digital Past
Introduced in 1955, Nixie tubes were first used as numeric displays in digital voltmeters, frequency counters and early calculators before being superseded by LEDs in the 1970s.

Nixie tubes are made of glass. They contain a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes, shaped like numerals. Applying power to one cathode surrounds it with a unique orange glow. A nostalgic reminder of the digital past.

A Fascinating Watch With Soviet Era Nixie Tubes
The genuine 'IN-16' Nixie tubes used in the Model 2 Nixie Tube Watch were manufactured in the Soviet Union between 1974 and 1995. Look carefully through the glass case back and you will see the month and year of manufacture printed on each tube.

Even though the Nixie tubes in this watch are more than 25 years old, they are unused and their lifetime is estimated to be 200K hours—equivalent to more than 20 years. A lot of equipment using this technology is still found in excellent working order. This is testament to the longevity and quality of Nixie tubes.

Exposed Internal Components For An Industrial Look
The styling of the Model 2 Nixie Tube Watch features bold lines and exposed components that define the industrial aesthetic. Available in four metallic color options including a striking 'aged' brass or bronze finish, this watch design is available with a choice of genuine leather or stainless steel strap.

The round Nixie Watch is USB rechargeable. Connect it to your computer with the USB cable provided to recharge. One full charge takes 1.5 hours and each charge lasts for 1 month.

Historical Technology—Reimagined
The round Nixie Watch is a limited edition design. This means it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own. Take this opportunity to own a representation of what future time telling might have looked like.