nixie watch SV

nixie watch SV

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Many watch makers produce "high tech" watches such as Smart watch, people's interest towards High Technology watches, but we produce very latest technology watch of former ages.

RETRO FUTURE ..... In 70's, we can imagine that indicate figures by light is very futuristic technology.

Developing the Nixie watch, we tried to find suitable size of nixie tubes for watch, but not so many types can be fit onto watch body. We could get some good nixie tubes from Ukraine. What we have used for our watch is IN-16, It was so hard work for us to make watch size down to wearable size. However, we found that nixie tubes are not exactly same size even same model number. In order to light nixie up, tiny transformer is used to make watch size smaller.

* Now we decided to use chargeable battery by USB instead of the battery LR44 x 4pcs.

Not only just lighting up, Nixie watch has some features. 1) Retro future time indication Counting up nixie time is so fun! 2) Blue LED light up Very beautiful lighting up tubes. 3) Painting on lens The shapes of tubes can be seen through watch case.

Spec: Materials: Case(body) Stainless steel / Stainless steel case back

Lens: Mineral glass

Strap: Stainless steel

Battery: USB chargeable battery Made in China